Hello and Welcome to my site...

My interest in Photography is an eclectic one - basically I'll photograph anything and everything that catches my interest. I try however to keep my images clean and simple - but hopefully interesting.

Life is short and always busy, but if you have a few minutes to spare, why not have a look around my site? Press F11 on your keyboard to get the full screen view.

Each Gallery represents a different aspect of my photographic work, so hopefully you'll be rewarded with some image that interests you or strikes a chord.

It's a rare occasion that I set out with any concrete plan of action as to what I intend to photograph. I normally just ramble about and let mother nature & people surprise me - which they usually do!

With Human Interest / Trad & Folk images I generally try not to interfere or influence what's before me, apart from varying my viewpoint before I shoot.

Landscape work of course is a different kettle of fish altogether...

Photography offers me a creative outlet - it nourishes me and keeps me sane - I suppose in essence that's why I do it!

I make no claims as to the artistic quality of my photographic work - it's just that - my work, which I hope you'll enjoy.

So have a look around and thanks for visiting!

Colm Keating.