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Visitors to my site have said...


Lovely work Colm
A balm for the eyes during a brief sos from work...
Bill Proctor


Really enjoyed a ramble through your wonderful galleries of time and space.....great work Colm!
Des Byrne

Fuji X100

Hi Colm, John Ryan ex Fionnuisce here. Really enjoyed your talk at the Kilmainham Arts Festival. Great photos, good to hear the background as to when they were taken.
Regards and keep on shootin, John
John Ryan

Love Your Work

Love your work Colm and great to go through the galleries on your website. You have a great eye that slows you down, focuses you and snap ! Thanks for sharing such wonderful work.
Dympna O'Brien

fab photos

Love the photos! They capture the joy of the musicmakers!
Maureen Harkin


Really enjoyed looking at your photos especially of course the trad musicians and singers. The ones taken during the Frank Harte festival particularly the one were Fergus is singing fifty shades of grey good stuff.
The one I most enjoyed though is the one with Frank Harte and Liam Weldon. Wish I'd been there
Ken Hall

Tard & Folk pics

Was told to visit your website to view some of the pics you have of trad and folk musicians. Some excellent work, I must admit. I was told I appear on a few of them taken at the O'Donoghue's session, but couldn't see myself at all. Maybe I was given the yellow card...ah sure good enough for me!!

Pat 'deVerse' Burke
Pat Burke

Fleadh 2012

Hey Colm, I just googled myself there earlier, just for the Craic like, expecting absolutely nothing to come up but low and behold I came across a picture you took of me in a sssion with John Rooney the piper!
I just wanted to say I think it looks savage! It really cheered up my evening!
Keep up the good work man with those snaps!

Your newest fan,
Tadhg Mulligan

Trad photos

Colm your photos brought a few tears... looking at Liam and Nellie, and Kenny Ford. You have a great talent keep it up, you have a gift of bringing people to life in your photos.
Judy Tierney

Great photos

Colm, Great photos. You should put them together in a book.
Declan Roche

Name for person in picture

The guy in the picture with Missus Cooney is Alf Duggan. Alf is a well known guitarist, now living in Ennis and playing regularly with the likes of Tommy Peoples.
Graham Nolan

Talent must run in the family!

Always loved your work Colm, but haven't had a good look in a while. Some amazing stuff, well done. Very very proud x
Emma Morris

McNeills Pub

Hi Colm,
Great work, I am the owner of McNeills pub and music shop, I am interested in acquiring some of your trad photos for the pub. Have you anything on McNeills ?.
Tony Olin


Hi Colm Really enjoyed browsing your lovely gallery. I love our ever changing Irish skies and you have captured them beautifully both in colour and black and white. Well done
Méabh Ní Mháthúna

Fingal Mummers

Hi Colm,
Love the photo of some of the Mummers in the Góilin. Maybe we could work together at some point. Next year marks 30 years of our group and it would be nice to have some good shots.
Sean MacPhilibin


Hi Colm,
Nice to meet you again at the Goilin "Puddin' Nite" after all the years and have enjoyed your pics of all the musicians - very evocative. So sad to hear that Kenny Ford died recently - he was a gentle soul and I remembering signing a copy of my 1980's vinyl EP for him back in 1986.

Glad to meet Nellie Weldon & Shay also. I've always remembered that heartbreaking interview she gave on radio when Liam got the stroke. The Phoenix Folk Club in Ballyfermot was great. Hope we meet up again in 2012 ! Happy New Year !
Tom Horan

Great Photos

Some great pics, especally the Belgard ones - can't beat the black and white.
Pronsias Mc Donachaid

The Brazen Head and Mrs. Cooney

Colm: On whim, I did a google search under that and found your photo of Mrs. Cooney behind the bar. I stayed (and sang) there many times between 1970 and 1978. Mary Cooney was a wonderful woman and "the Head" holds a special place in my memory. Thanks.
Jack Purdy

Wonderful eye

Your captures are so naturally beautiful and full of life and times. Amazing! Nice to meet you at the folk club, Áras Chrónáin with Nellie and Séamas Weldon last Wednesday.
Emma Nicolai

Your Photos

Hi Colm,
I only looked at the Traditional photos on my first visit as there's so much there. They are a wonderful treasure. The photos taken in the Phoenix Folk Club are a great reminder of our wonderful gigs over the years. As the weeks pass, I will browse through the other galleries. I look forward to your Liam Weldon Exhibition. Thanks.
Mick Coakley

Féile Frank McGann 2011

Hey Colm, love the photo's from this year's Féile Frank McGann. It's great to look back and see the people you met and also see the ones you didn't even know were there:) Keep up the great work!!
Val Devitt

Lovin your website!

Hi Colm, love your website and all your photos. I particularly like the colour landscape photographs! You are a fabulous photographer!
Clare Whitney

Top Class Work

Great work Colm, enjoyed looking around your website. I hope to see some more Trad shots from Strokestown , as the saying goes you've got the "eye" for a good shot.
Well done see you next year in Strokestown .
Joe Kennedy


these are fantastic pics, have you considered a book?

Absolute Gent!

Had the pleasure of having my exhibition beside yours the weekend, just looking through your shots, I'm blown away. It goes to show that you dont need the most expensive camera or equipment, you just need the "eye" and you got it. The titles of your photos are so witty!

Avril says hi too, pleasure meeting you Colm you made the weekend go quicker!
Paul Sweeney


Hi ya Colm,
I've just spent a very enjoyable afternoon looking at your website - particularly the traditional gallery. Stunning images or as my recently departed american visitors would say - awesome ! I have just started my own website and if you're interested in having a peep it's I might see you at Cavan if your down or is it up. A few of my images were taken at last year's fleadh. Best of luck.
Derek Preston

Too much colour !

Seeing as everyone has already said such nice things about your photos, with good reason, perhaps it's time for a 'constructive' comment ? Would you not think that you're using just a little too much black in the 'black & whites' ?
Only jokin'! Great photos ! Keep on clicking !
Colm McCabe

Great Images

Colm, great website, love the pictures and the stories behind them. Some stunning images. Delighted to have the opportunity to enjoy them.
Dave Coleman


Colm, I really enjoyed looking through your gallery. Especially your shots of the River Liffey they had a mystical atmosphere.
Steven Fearn


Colm, your photos are just magical.
Love the black and whites capturing musicians playing and just "Thinking". Brilliant.
Keep going.
Philip McGee

Your work on view

Hi Colm, I'm blown away by the great images you have shown in your galleries. Its truly remarkable work, you have a brillant talent thats second to none. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. Keep up the good work all the best, Dermo...
Dermot Wheatman

Great Photos

Well done Colm,excellent photos of some of the greats in Irish music. Lots of great memories of gigs in the old haunts - Green Linnet, Tailors Hall & The Brazen Head (where it was said that the only reason it was still standing was that the woodworm were holding hands!!)
Eamonn Kenny


Before I came to this amazing website, I was merely messing around on Google typing in my own name, which is-funnily enough-the same as yours, Colm Keating. But I sure am glad that I have come here. Your photos show your passion about each genre you capture, which is an admirable thing.
Your camera must love you,
Colm P. Keating